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My name is Crystal and I'm a single mom living in the US. I have a wide variety of interests including health and fitness, music-from singing, writing, and listening, walking, inline skating, playing with my kids and having fun with friends.

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I've been working as an academic freelance writer for a couple of years now. I created EssayJobs website to help other freelancers determine if working as an academic editor is going to be rewarding to them. In result, I've published here a few example essays and research papers which may give a better idea what kind of job it is and what your employers and customers (students) may expect from you.

Health has been my major life passion as well as advocacy for health and helping others. My former counselor told me that I reminded her of Erin Brockovich and want to advocate for the health and safety of others in any way I can. So getting back to work with a flexible schedule for my kids and to volunteer more on important causes would help me a lot to change the world.

I was always a natural learner and school was easy for me for the most part. I learned to read when I was young and this helped fuel my desire to always be learning something new. I exceled in Anatomy, Biology, and other science courses, Psychology, Sociology, and others. I loved to read and my drive to learn outside of schoolwork I think made learning second-nature to me. I never had to study even through college and maybe only looked at work beforehand before tests often being surprised when we had a test!

Music has been another major driving force in my life. I used to write poems and when I have time I like to jot down notes for songs and miss writing music. I love how music enables one to express themselves in words and emotions better than any other speech would. I also love to sing as well. It has always helped me in life and I know many would agree with me with it being a major part of their lives. Without it, I do not think I could make it through the day or cope with many challenges.

I originally went to school to become a Health Education teacher and then left when I had my son. I then returned and got my Bachelor's degree in General Studies. I would have loved to become a Naturopathic Dr. (ND) but still have an immense interest in natural, alternative, Chinese, Ayurvedic medicine, herbology, and other areas. This has been a passion of mine since I was young and love to learn and educate myself. My mother is a Registered Nurse and I have a lot of natural medical background in terminology and how the body works.

I have always enjoyed writing since when I was younger and it has been a passion of mine along with reading. I always enjoyed doing research and learning about topics I was interested in. I also read a lot in my spare time. In high school and college, I always enjoyed writing research papers especially on topics I enjoyed and was knowledgeable in. It has provided a great deal of satisfaction to me to learn about all the current and past research being done. I enjoy the creativity of writing, the knowledge gained, and to help others learn more about their interests in a way that does not require additional research unless they want to that is.

I'm an excellent writer because I take my time. I also have done a lot of writing over the years and always did well on my term papers and helping others write theirs. I can be a perfectionist so I read a lot of articles thoroughly until I find the best ones and do a lot of editing until I am satisfied with the final results. I do my work in steps from printing out relevant articles and highlighting them to writing notes on paper with relevant ideas to help piece together my thoughts, ideas, and conclusions. I also go back, edit and re-read many times and sometimes have others give me their feedback as well. I try to expand on topics and ideas to help explain what the research tells me and what research in the future might reveal.


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